Why have an active spiritual life?

Why have an active spiritual life?

We can’t do everything. That is one of the guiding principles of life—each of us has to make choices about how we spend the time that we are given. Those choices flow from priorities, whether conscious or unconscious. So, is it worth investing in our spiritual life?

I’m not talking about any type spiritual life. I think most people (and certainly anyone reading this blog!) have at least a *passive* spiritual life—we try to take in bits of wisdom and reflection when they come across our path. We try to reflect on things when challenges arise. But, this is different from an *active* spiritual life. Do we make sacrifices for our relationship with God, and foster it even when circumstances don’t place easy opportunities in our path?

We do have a spirit. We are capable of fixing our life on something other than comfort or popularity. We are able to know, love, and follow God. We are able to do this whatever our situation. These are some of the core principles we need to believe in order to consider our spiritual life worthy of active investment.

If you believe these things I hope you find help on this page to continue to grow and become more alive! As our spiritual life matures, it enhances and enriches our other relationships (if it does not I think there is something suspect in our approach).

But, if you have doubts about these core principles, I hope that you still keep coming back and exploring these questions. An active spiritual life doesn’t automatically happen, even for a priest! It is a choice I have to renew daily, and so hope that by sharing some of what has convinced and sustained me I can help you in your own quest.

God bless!

One comment on “Why have an active spiritual life?

  1. Tina says:

    “An active spiritual life doesn’t automatically happen, even for a priest! It is a choice I have to renew daily” Thanks for the reminder! I have been taking my spiritual life for granted and at the same time wondering why my prayer life and religious practice has become lukewarm.


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