Introduction to the blog

What is the purpose of this blog?

Hello! Today I am trying something new. It is the feast of Pentecost, which commemorates the day at the end of the Easter season when the Apostles received the Holy Spirit and began to preach. I have been praying about what to do to celebrate the feast, and an idea that keeps coming to mind is to start a little more social media outreach.

The basic purpose of this blog is to try to share some of what I have received, and that is why I called it “Borrowed Lore.” The word “lore” is a favorite of Tolkien, and has to do with wisdom—there’s an explanation on the sidebar of my website.

I have been interested in starting some social media outreach before, but have held off for a couple of reasons. One: it seems daunting to try to keep up with everything going on in terms of quantity of output and time commitment; and two: I’m also not exactly sure what type of thing people are interested in.

The first problem I thought I’d try to solve by keeping this very simple and to the point. I’m going to try to stick to more foundational questions. If I don’t comment on something, that doesn’t mean I don’t find it important! But, once you jump on the “current events” treadmill it is hard to keep up, and that isn’t where I’m trying to focus the perspective of this blog. Instead, I hope it provides a context and background for how we look at current events.

The second problem- about the type of content- I plan to tackle by trial and error! I’m trying a few different platforms and formats, and will see what people are interested in, including myself. I will post on this blog, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’ll make video versions for a YouTube channel. And, for those who might be interested on a little longer reflection connected with the Gospel, I will post audio from my Sunday homilies. A little bit of everything!

I will also have to wait to see how things go with comments and replies. Conversation is good, but it will probably take me a little while to figure out exactly how I want to approach comments. If I don’t respond to a comment you make, that doesn’t mean I don’t think it was worthwhile!

Please say a prayer for this outreach, that the Holy Spirit will direct it and draw fruit from it. Know of my prayers, and God bless!

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