Easter 2017 Earlville Profile Version

Welcome! This page gives me a place to share some of my thoughts on knowing, loving, and following Jesus Christ. I hope that you find it helpful. Here is a link to the post that explains the basic goal of the site: Introduction

A brief tour: go to the Blog to see short written posts on various themes, the most recent posts are highlighted on the top of the side bar. You can also click on one of the categories in the side bar to find posts on that topic, as well as find links to my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube accounts. YouTube has recordings of my Sunday Masses since the start of the pandemic.

Right now I’m mainly posting reviews/reflections on various books/movies/shows. I’ve collected these together under the new menu “Books, Movies, TV Reviews” so you can more easily find what I’ve written.

God bless!

-Fr Joel Phelps